Intro: Buongiorno!


I’m Fiona,

I am a sophomore in college from Sonoma County, California, and am currently an Art major.

On January 25th, 2014 I will depart the U.S. for Florence, Italy, where I will study abroad through the Northern California Study Abroad Consortium (NCSAC) program for 3 months.

This weekly blog will document my adventures and experiences of living and studying abroad in  Florence, Italy. I’ve never studied Italian, and I do not speak it at all (I have studied Spanish, French, and I’m almost fluent in Polish). In addition, I am vegetarian and gluten-free, so I will have to put some thought into making adjustments for my meals. I’d like to show that it’s possible to travel to a foreign country for an extended stay without knowing the language well and with dietary restrictions as long as you keep an open mind.

My goal is to help inspire future study abroad students by creating an interesting blog that documents an American college student’s life and immersion in Italian culture.

Hopefully reading about my experience of living in Italy will spark your interest in foreign cultures and travel!

I look forward to writing for you!

-Fiona O-Young

Me in Lucca, Italy, on a bicycle. 

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