Creeper Shots in Italy by Fiona

Welcome to the creeper shot page.

Here is my collection of creeper shots taken thus far during my study abroad adventures in Florence, Italy.

I’ve become inexplicable intrigued by the current hair styles flouncing around Italy.

Here are my photos/evidence of my creeperishness:

(Note: You, too, may be a creeper — I presume you found this page by clicking one of the photos I linked).

Creeper shot #1: Where it all began. (Florence, Italy)

Creeper shot #2: Here we see a sulking Italian youth with the stylish hairstyle I’m currently into photographing. (Pisa, Italy)

Creeper shot #3: In Pisa, Italy.

Creeper shot #4: A Hairstyle communicating. (Lucca, Italy).

Secret Picture #1: Snotty child at the Piazzale Michelangelo. Actually didn’t realize I took this shot ’till later. Not worthy of being on the regular posts.

Creeper shot#5: He looks like a starfish.

Creeper shot #6: I wish I had this outfit. The suspicious old man totally knew I was taking his picture. He was selling some old-looking coins to people who believe ancient coins appear casually in tourist filled squares on holidays in popular Italian cities.
photoCreeper Shot #7: Just chilling with an admirable tuft of texture.
Creeper shot #8: This looks like the same guy as in #7, but I’m 70% sure it’s
not. The hair is a tiny bit different.

Creeper shot #8: This guy’s carrying some figurines in the Viareggio Carnevale.
Creeper shot #9: A cute soccer-playing child with that hair cut I need to photograph.

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