Adventure Day! — Top of the Duomo and Campanile

I decided to use the better part of the day for some adventures, now that I’m feeling better. I enjoyed my own company, and we’ll start the adventure here: by one of the statues by the Palazzo Vecchio (“Old Palace”) and Piazze Signoria (the surrounding square). 
I walked to the Mercado Centrale (Central Market), glimpsed the San Lorenzo church, then headed to the Duomo.
I’ll write about the Santa Maria del Fiore (also known as “the Duomo”) another time. This is a shot of the amazing floor in the church. I descended to the level below the church to buy a ticket and saw the “scavi” (excavations below the church). My ticket cost 10 euros: it’s valid for 24 hours, and it gets you into the campanile/bell tower, the scavi, the museum and also the dome.
Very low ceilings, and parts of what I assume were the original floor remain.
I left the building, and walked to the side entrance that leads to the stairs that take you to the top of the dome. About halfway there you end up standing inside the dome, and can look up:
These are from the same vantage point.
Looking down — the picture is foggy because of the clear barrier.
The walkway is right here, below the stained glass windows.
Back inside the round maze. The dome is actually doubled; one is inside the other. The stairs are built in-between the two domes. You can see the interior dome to the right here.
I found the walk up pretty easy — I didn’t end up panting like some of the tourists. I’m a little afraid of heights, so the walk down the steep staircases was more nerve-wracking (they aren’t these ones, but the final set of stairs is nearly vertical.) Not close to as many stairs as I thought there’d be. There are about 463 steps to the top.
View of Florence.
Guess what: it’s Fiesole!
The white Santa Croce church (I live a few blocks from there). If you look closely the San Miniato church on the hill is visible, as is the Piazzale Michelangelo.
Looking at the tourists on the campanile/bell tower that’s right next to the Duomo. Right after climbing to the top of the Duomo I climbed the bell tower and stood where those tourists are standing.
Florence’s/our beautiful campanile.
Pictures from the top of the campanile:
View of the Santa Croce (again. I get a warm feeling when I see this church now, it reminds me that I live in Florence).
View of the lantern — the top part of the dome. That’s where I stood earlier in the day.
View of the Palazzo Vecchio (from the campanile) where I began my day!

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