Osteria de’ Peccatori — Restaurant Review

Osteria de’ Peccatori serves typical Tuscan food.

It’s name translates as “Restaurant of Sinners.”

It’s open until midnight, which is why my hungry roommates and I decided to go stop by and have a (very) late dinner.

Basics: the food was mediocre, and I probably won’t go back — if you do go, I’d recommend paying for it in cash and saving your AIFS program meal vouchers for Golden View where it pays off more.

Positives: they’re accommodating to vegetarian and gluten-free requests, they made me something off the menu; rice and mushrooms and a salad. The rice-mushroom thing was very mushroomy. I like mushrooms, but this was very intense.

We had dessert too, which was better than the food, I think.

Kat’s “Sinner’s cup of Ice Cream” (or something like that).

My tiramisu was alright. In my opinion, Masticabrodo’s tiramisu is the best I’ve had so far (they’re a meal voucher restaurant too).
My disclaimer is that this review is written from a gluten-free, vegetarian standpoint. Their pizzas/pastas might be good; I wouldn’t know.
Tips for Osteria de’ Peccatori
  • Pay in euros, don’t use up your meal vouchers here.
  • Their mushroom risotto is very, very mushroomy tasting. Be warned.

Special Diet tip: Directly ask your server what they can make you that fits your dietary needs 🙂 I don’t know how I didn’t think of this earlier, but from now on I’ll be directly asking for help choosing foods from my waiter in the future.


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