Pizza Making Class

I had a pizza making class today! I wasn’t feeling well all day, but somehow I made it through my classes and two quizzes. Anyway, back to the pizza.

We met up at 7:30 pm, and walked to a restaurant that’s right by the Piazza Santa Croce, the square by the Santa Croce church (which is a few blocks from where I live).

A drink was included in our class; most people got red wine, beer, or spritz (a wine-based cocktail composed of prosecco wine or champagne, bitter liqueur, and sparkling mineral water).

I’m realizing that I’m not really into alcohol, and since I was feeling under the weather I stuck with water. (Having a boyfriend who is in the dental assisting keeps me aware of my teeth of course, so I don’t drink soda either, although they had that available too).

Me! We got to wear those funny hats and also aprons.

Making the pizza was a lot faster than I anticipated– we were shown how to massage the dough into a pizza shape gently (our Italian pizza-making instructor told the guys to be as gentle as though the dough were a girl haha).

The demo pizza.

My pizza just had tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, olives, basil and some grilled eggplant they gave me. My pizza wasn’t gluten free, but it was fun to make and I had a nibble of the cheese and veggies later. Definitely a fun experience, even if you don’t eat it. Probably the one thing I should have done was ask beforehand if they had a gluten free option, but somehow I didn’t get around to that.

My pizza! Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, olives, mushrooms, basil and grilled eggplant.
Tips for taking the pizza making class: 
  • Don’t wear black — there’s flour all over. I actually stayed perfectly clean, but just be careful what you wear.
  • Take your camera.

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