Verona (the City of Love) on Valentine’s Day

We stopped in Verona on our bus journey to Venice. I got to visit the “City of Love” on Valentine’s day. It would have been better if I’d had my boyfriend with me too, but at least I had my sturdy camera.

The amphitheater in Verona.
All photos of me taken in this post are by Elizabeth V. 
View of the amphitheater from the ground — the view the gladiators had in this Roman arena. This is where they fought (and died). They fought other gladiators as well as animals (like lions). To Romans these fights represented the might of man, and glorified the ability to conquer beast.

View from the upper seats.

Shakespeare places his fictional play Romeo and Juliet in fair Verona; while Romeo and Juliet are fictional, their families were real. Their houses exist in Verona. That’s a picture of “Juliet’s” balcony, and a statue of her as well. It’s considered good luck to rub her breast, a practice enthusiastically adopted by the tourists. One male in particular got quite grabby.
The hallway that leads to “Juliet’s balcony”. Couples pen their names onto the wall. I found a M+F!
We walked about with our tour guide in the amphitheater and also around some of the streets. There were quite a few tourists around the main streets.
The architectural style is very different from Florence.
Some booths in Verona selling chocolate, among other things.
While at these booths, I suddenly heard two ladies speaking Polish as they walked by. I got their attention and ended up having a very pleasant conversation (in Polish) with them as Elizabeth bought chocolate-covered strawberries. Both of them live in Verona, one with her dog and one with her Italian husband. They were very sweet, and invited me to come back and visit sometime 🙂

More of those creminos!

Why not buy your lover some romantic chicory?
Creeper shot #6: I wish I had this outfit. The suspicious old man totally knew I was taking his picture. He was selling some old-looking coins to people who believe ancient coins appear casually in tourist filled squares on holidays in popular Italian cities.
We later found another collection of booths selling chocolate.
Overall, Verona seemed very sweet. We were only there for a couple of hours, but maybe I’ll go back again eventually to see more of it.
Tips for Verona:
  • Find all the chocolate booths (I found two different areas) and at least take a look at the chocolates — they’re very cute.
  • Bring a permanent marker if you’re planning on adding to that vandalised wall of love.
  • If you’re taking your girlfriend out to a nice dinner, our tour guide recommended Bottega Vini.

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