Fiesole — Day Trip to the Roman Amphitheater

Just a few pictures I snapped on my way to the Duomo (of Santa Maria del Fiore) — the  meeting place for our field trip on Friday with my Intro to Theatre class.

I found an older-styled scooter too. Most of the modern ones here are actually pretty large.

The side of the Duomo with all the scaffolding up for cleaning.

About 25 minutes later we got to Fiesole (by bus).

Cattedrale di San Romolo, right by the central square.

I would drive one of these!

A Chow!

Me and Elizabeth V. approaching our first view of the ruins.

The old Roman amphitheater — Interestingly it is still in use today. During the summer plays are performed here. The amazing acoustics allow even the audience members in the highest seats to hear everything clearly.

The amphitheater was pretty cool — it’s just hard to think back to people building all of the structures here. It was nice walking around, I spent about 2ish hours in the ruins total.

These arches are right by what was once the frigidarium of the Roman bathes. A frigidarium is a large, cool pool that is entered typically after bathing in the caldarium (a hot plunge bath with a heated floor) and the tepidarium (a room with warm water for bathing). The pores open in the heated water, and the frigidarium is intended to close them.

View of Fiesole’s campanile/bell tower through the arches.

The Roman pools (they were once filled with water).

The olive trees.

View of the hills North of Fiesole.

 I got utterly spoiled today with photos of me (taken with my camera). These are by Elizabeth V.  🙂

The ruins of the Roman temple in Fiesole.

My favorite things from the little museum by the ruins.

After the museum, I went off on my own to explore.

I walked up to the church of San Francesco, which is on a hill.

And walked down to the viewing area…

View of the Arno Gorge, that’s Florence spread out in the valley. It was so breath taking, I spent some time there by myself. Photos can’t capture how amazing it really was. This was my favorite part of Fiesole. If you can go to Fiesole, go for the view!

Walking back down into the city.

Getting dragged home.

Came across some adventurous classmates; Austin and Olivia were searching for coffee.

An Italian lady fixing her car — they were gone by the time I walked back that way.

This is how far away I got — that’s the same bell tower.

Began my walk back, which is right when the sun came out.

I was barked at by some cute Italian dogs.

On the bus ride home I ran into some Polish people on the bus; speaking to them (in Polish) reminded me of Poland, which feels like a second home.

On the bus ride home I accidentally got off a few stops early — I chased my bus for two blocks and eventually glimpsed the bell tower (in Florence). This is when I knew where I was, and I successfully found my way home. I won’t say I was lost, but I didn’t know where I was for a while before I found the bell tower.

Monks by the Duomo back in Florence on my walk home.


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