Farmer’s Market and Some Feelings: My Adventures and Photos

At 10:30 I went to the farmer’s market around the corner from my apartment, accompanied by Kat and Elizabeth. I bought some oranges, lemons, zucchini, a bell pepper, and some avocados. I also took pictures!

The exterior part of the farmer’s market. Hopefully I’ll take some better pictures of this soon, I’m just a bit shy with my huge camera standing in there with everyone else. I’m standing on a set of steps that lead into the building where some venders sell meats and cheeses and breads.

Interior part of the farmer’s market. Pasta.


When we got home, I realized I wasn’t feeling well after the pasta I had for dinner, which is made mostly of corn. I usually eat gluten free pasta made mostly from brown rice, and I don’t tolerate corn very well (unless it’s organic), so I donated the rest of the pasta I bought to Kat. I might go to the international market and check out their gluten free pasta selection.

I stayed home for a bit, and relaxed. I had my first little tinge of homesickness sitting in the quiet apartment at noon, but I just thought about what my mom would say to me: her advice would either be to relax, watch a movie and have some tea to feel better, or to take advantage of the city and go wander around. I took the second piece of advice, and around 1pm/14:00 I got dressed and went out to enjoy the city.

I literally walked out into the city just taking any turn and street I pleased. This is just a shot along some random street only a block away from the Lungarno (the long street that runs along the Arno River. I was on the Northern side of the river where I live).

A cute Italian dog — I stopped by an ATM to withdraw some Euros, and this dog and an old man with an umbrella and cell phone were standing nearby me.

I walked to the OVS department store, train station (there’s an underground area with somewhat cheap shops where I wouldn’t buy anything), Paragon (a rain boot store!! Yes!), and I found another, much smaller Conad grocery store where I bought some gluten free cookies.

Bathrooms in the train station. You have to pay a few Euro cents to use it, a system pretty common to parts of Europe, including Italy and Poland.

Paragon! I bought the rain boots I really needed there. The store was having a big sale of about 50% off, and I bought a pair for 49 Euros. I scoured the other stores in search of them; there ARE other rain boots, but they all tend to be expensive. The Paragon ones are around the same price range as all the others I found, and with the sale were a great option for some cute boots.

My brand-new Italian rain boots 🙂

Walking along Via dei Servi (the street North of the Duomo), from Paragon to back home. I saw this great view as I walked along the street. 

A few blocks from home I saw this funny recycling (?) truck. The man in orange on the left there was incredibly short, and running around quickly tossing cardboard into the back of the truck.

I got home at 5:00pm/17:00, and an hour later my roommates tumbled into the house. Elizabeth and I both went to bed shortly after. I feel asleep happy about the day, and excited for the Pisa trip in the morning!


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