Walking Tour: Formal Florence and a Map

In the afternoon we had our walking tour of Florence in the rain, which I thought was great (though some of my more delicate classmates weren’t delighted. It wasn’t cold, so in my opinion there wasn’t any problem). I had an umbrella though, which was a significant advantage. Alexandra (who gave us a lecture on Tuesday) was our guide, and she’s really nice and cool.

Side note: A great rain boot store in Florence is called Paragon — it’s on Via dei Servi, just North of the Duomo.

We learned about the David statue by Michelangelo, and the Palazzo Vecchio, the old palace of the wealthy Medici family who later moved across the river to the Palazzo Piti (Piti Palace). The Ponte Vecchio (which I haven’t visited yet!) used to be filled with butchers and other food vendors, until the Medici family began using the bridge frequently to visit the offices still by the Palazzo Vecchio (they began calling it the “Old Palace” after the Medici family moved across the river). At that point the butchers and such were “removed” from the bridge, and it was filled with more tasteful merchandise, namely gold and other precious things.

Side note: A large type of water rodent, called “Nutria,” inhabit the Arno River.  

  • Pink: The commute from the Palazzo Piti to the Palazzo Vecchio, which crosses over L’Arno (The Arno River) using the Ponte Vecchio bridge.
  • Yellow: The two palaces.
  • Green: Via dei Servi, where you can find nice rain boots at the store Paragon.

We made our own pasta sauce in the evening (using tomatoes and the mini blender I brought), and had Talita and Daniel over for dinner. (I had gluten free pasta I bought from the Conad.. more on this later).


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